How am I going to be an octopus about this?


#gbfishandchips (at GB’s Fish & Chips)


#gbfishandchips (at GB’s Fish & Chips)

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That was just too silly not to be drawn.
The disturbing thing about this is that I’m pretty sure Thranduil would actually be able to slay the beast just with his rolled magazine.

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the devil wears prada is a lie, i’m literally just wearing a white tee


okay so today I was at the mall and this girl walking in front of me and tripped and fell and instead of helping her up like a normal person would- I decided to make her feel less embarrassed and fall down too

but I guess another guy had the same idea because we fell at the same time

and then another person fell

and another

and suddenly I was lying in the middle of an impromptu fainting mob and a lot of people were shouting

and the girl who’d originally fallen looked so fucking happy





I’m impressed by Penny’s argument

can the show just be the three of them

the show should be just the three of them

I honestly think the show with these three would be amazing